When you have an event and you’re looking for something different…

"He is the kind of guy you bring in for that FUN Factor."

   Emrick is a Communication Leadership Speaker who focuses on creating a full-blown experience at your event.

    If you’re looking for something different this year, then take a look at the effect Emrick Garam has on an audience...

   It is information with entertainment.    Emrick Garam combines fun and humor with a presentation that audiences will enjoy.    This will get people learning with fun!


Leading with the Heart
​Motivating your team
Improving your leadership with positive approaches
Connecting with your team effectively
Additional Topics on demand.     

Educational Material provided on demand.

Emrick doesn’t need any special treatment or soft music in his dressing room.
The only thing he needs is an audience, and maybe a dry erase board.
Emrick also likes to hang around before and after the presentation to connect with the audience at the event. He is there for them!

Emrick likes to demonstrate and have the audience practice their new learned skills through activities.
This is different from a regular presentation ie, telling them, or only "raise your hand if" kind of engagement audience usually expect …
This is a full fun experience that your audience will talk about long after it's finished!

People may forget what someone says, but they always remember how they made them feel!

If there's No Connection, Nothing happens!


Information and entertainment. Emrick Garam combines his fun and humor with a presentation that audiences have never seen before. This will get people talking.


"After working with Emrick I saw great changes in my life.

First, I landed a $10.25 Mil RE deal! Then, I reduced my chain smoking to almost zero cigarette. I felt much more calm and confident. As a result, I bought a car! 

Emrick taught me simple steps to take and coached me for success. He is caring, professional, reliable, and his system  really works.

I strongly recommend him to be your Communication Expert.

He is also a great speaker; I saw his presentation and his positive energy is contagious, inspiring , and motivating.

I also recommend with trust him to speak to Leaders, Sales Teams, and other audiences. 

I have rarely seen so much dedication in helping others to succeed, and his words have helped me a great deal.

I owe him my success, and I strongly believe in his skills. "

Greg D. Realtor and Investor

"He's the kind of guy that brings that Fun Edge in the room"


This isn’t your every day ‘raise your hands’ type of engagement…this is a full blown experience for your audience. People are involved in fun and hands on fun practices and engage them to be ready for action.


"Emrick has a great stage presence.

I have seen Emrick perform on stage and I think that he'd be a great asset for any event.

I have 15 yrs of experience in the industry of organizing events .

I recommend him for any kind of corporate event, teen empowerment event, or charity event."

Danny V, CEO of Ambiance Lighting Pros