You either Communicate or Miscommunicate

Emrick Garam started as a factory worker at 19 years old. Then, he became an entertainer.  After selling life insurance, he started a sales business selling door to door. Then he became an educator, and at the same  took interest in personal development, business consulting, and positive leadership. He started a business consulting. Then he expanded to communication skills, and learned about humor and story telling, which he now shares with his audience.  
He went on to build a speaking business to a point where multinational companies were flying him over to speak.
Eventually, Emrick was getting asked to speak so he combined his fun and humor with a powerful speaking message on communication and motivation.
And instead of just getting on stage to speak, Emrick would communicate with the audience using fun approach so they could be more engaged with the presentation.
Emrick Garam built his business in his 30s and started writing books to teach other professionals on how to achieve goals in their business.
He then went on to build a business training program that helped other entrepreneurs market themselves.


"Emrick is a great speaker; I saw his presentation and his positive energy is contagious, inspiring , and motivating. I recommend him with trust to speak to Sales Teams, Leaders, Business Owners, and other audiences. I have rarely seen such dedication in helping others to succeed, And his words have helped me a great deal. I owe him my success, And I strongly believe in his abilities. ”
testimonial Greg D 2 1x1
Real Estate and Loan
“Emrick has a great stage presence. I have seen Emrick perform on stage and I think that he’d be a great asset for any event. I have 15 yrs of experience in the industry of organizing events and I recommend him for any kind of corporate event, teen empowerment event, or charity event.”
Testimonial Daniel Villa 1x1
Daniel Villa
CEO at Ambiance Lighting Pros
“Emrick has a strong delivery to present the many ideas he showcases for a motivational session. He knows what he wants to say, and then expresses it in a way that would inspire and motivate any audience. I have known Emrick for years, and I can say that his energy and enthusiasm is enough to carry anyone to the next level of their Business and lifestyle. He did it for me, and he can do it for others."
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Brian Baldini
Writer , Producer