Communicating Effectively with Fun Comm. Expert Emrick

THE CAUSE:   Nowadays, we have all kinds of social networks (facebook, instagram, twitter, ) texting, email, etc. but at the same time we have become more and more insulated from one another. why? I'm glad you asked! Well, we live more and more in a bubble made of the following:

  • driving alone instead of in company,
  • texting instead of calling or talking,
  • emailing instead of meeting or calling,
  • Skypeing instead of face to face meeting.
  • Googling instead of going to the library
  • Shopping online instead of shopping physically, etc.

THE EFFECT:   How does this affect us? I'm glad you asked! Well, we are becoming more and more awkward in social settings.

For example, If there's a social event, people are more busy advertising their services or merchandise than connecting. as one may put, "before kissing we should be dating, right?" So these people, instead of going slowly in the conversation, and "dating" others, go about and ram their service/product in the first 30 seconds, "kissing" the other participants, instead of "dating" , going gently, and setting up a meeting with them!

THE SYMPTOMS:  That is one of the many situations where many behave oddly in social situations.

  • We have become impatient, and oblivious of others.
  • We have forgotten how to value others, to appreciate others, to empower others with kind words or motivational and inspiring words.
  • As Dale Carnegie said, "No one care about how much you know until they know how much you care. "

THE QUESTION:  Isn't it time to reset our social interaction, our engaging behavior, our motivational and caring words?

THE PROBLEM:  More and more employees, team leaders, team members, and associate just become apathetic, dis-engaged, dormant, until they become unproductive, unmotivated, losing their purpose, and then become sick, illness, absent, and even quit their position.

No one is immediately replaceable so it cost money to re-train the new replacing employees...  and leaders scratch their heads wondering what happened... and of course their net profits, bottom lines, dead lines, sales goals, etc. spiral down frantically.

THE SOLUTION:  How to solve that?

  • With a new approach , where "Leading With the Heart"TM  is becoming more and more the cutting edge approach.
  • Call on Emrick who will show your people, your teams, what effective communication can do.
  • He is clear, fun, sometimes funny, energetic, and will leave a lasting impact on your group, your company members .
  • He will demonstrate fun and easy approaches, changes, motivational ways, and the audience will leave refreshed, motivated, inspired and with tools to make the much needed improvement and change in your company.
  • How to talk to team members, how to engage them, how to make hard work seems like fun, and how to make them smile and feel engaged, and reach their goals and target easily and effortlessly!